O2O platform to deliver customised, contextual and interactive experiences to your customers

End-to-end Online to Offline platform

  • Beacon

    The beacon technology offers endless applications in Proximity Marketing. Our beacon network bridges the gap between online and offline worlds

  • Mobile

    Use our white-label mobile app on iOs and Android or simply hook up our Software Development Kit to your app to send beacon-triggered messages

  • Push

    Send highly targeted content in the right place at the right time (e.g. notification about product description, coupons, special offers, etc.)

  • Data

    Collect real-time data from your customers and measure the impact of your Proximity Marketing campaign on customer behavior and foot traffic

  • Marketing

    We help you highlight the most relevant KPI, optimise your marketing campaigns and take concrete actions to boost your performance

How does it work?

  1. We install beacons in the most strategic locations (both indoor and outdoor)
  2. Install our SDK on your iOs and Android mobile applications
  3. Define and launch your Proximity Marketing campaign in a few clicks
  4. Get real-time, comprehensive analytics and adjust your campaign if necessary

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