Deliver the most customised shopping journey to the 21st century customers

Entice shoppers from the entrance of the mall to the store

Thanks to our beacons located in relevant areas (entrances, busy or remote zones), retailers within the mall can inspire their customers as soon as they enter the building and attract them to their stores. Beacons can be connected to both the mobile applications of retailers and the mall. We help shopping malls create, launch and promote their own application. It can send information from the mall (events, games, etc.) and retailers (launch of a new item, discount offers, etc.).

Benefits for Malls

Acquire traffic by promoting events and offering new shopping experiences

  • Measure impact of events on foot traffic and customer retention
  • Increase visibility of events
  • Launch games to make shopping more fun (e.g. treasure hunt)

Increase customer satisfaction

  • Provide location-based navigation to car parks
  • Welcome new, frequent and VIP shoppers
  • Send highly targeted content
  • Optimize customers’ journey by delivering most efficient path in the mall

Improve retail space management

  • Increase your revenues by optimum pricing according to foot traffic in specific areas
  • Monitor footfall metrics in general and by customer profile (major traffic and major stops)
  • Analyze customer visit (check-in, check-out, visit duration)
  • Encourage shoppers to visit areas where there is lower traffic

Benefits for Retailers

Attract customers from strategic locations to stores

  • Gain visibility by broadcasting information to drive shoppers to store
  • Guide customers to stores by showing the most efficient path
  • Measure the impact of notifications on customer behavior

As a retailer, go digital with or without your own mobile application

  • Send notifications about your business on the application of the mall
  • Acquire traffic by promoting your brand to potential new customers
  • Communicate with shoppers in a fast, simple and cost-effective way

Benefits for Shoppers

Live a one of the kind shopping experience in the mall

  • Personalised beacon-triggered messages enhances the interaction with shoppers
  • Shoppers receive offers from different brands matching their profile. The shopping journey becomes complete and customized.
  • Make shopping more fun

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