Promote highly-targeted marketing content where and when it matters most

Deploy your marketing campaigns in less than 5 min

  • Content

    Upload your advertising files (picture, text, audio file, etc.) on our platform and add a personalized message

  • Analysis

    Collect real-time data and gain reliable insights into your customer's behavior.

    Adjust your content or target to make every campaign successful

  • Target

    Choose the right target(s) among your app users according to their profile to increase customer engagement

  • Location

    Assign your campaign to the most appropriate locations within our beacon network

The ultimate in marketing is marketing to the individual and customizing products to the individual.

Bob McDonald, former CEO at Procter & Gamble


  • Increase sales

    Proximity Marketing has a tremendous revenue-driving potential allowing marketers to reach higher conversion rates.

  • Build brand loyalty

    Track frequent customers and enroll them in loyalty or rewards programs

  • Influence behavior

    Learn from your customers and promote contextual marketing content they should like

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